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Trump Assails Bolton and Supreme CourtFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

I achieved a lot for this great nation, winning the election to save us from Hillary Clinton and then appointing two great conservatives to the Supreme Court. We’d have a five to four majority there most of the time but chief justice John Roberts is playing like an Earl Warren liberal and screwing up my plans, and all that really does is make me damn determined to win in November so I can add at least two more conservative judges and get this country squared away.

Yesterday Roberts cast the deciding vote and wrote the opinion that blocked my wishes to get the DACA illegals out of our country. I don’t care they were children when their sneaky parents brought them here and they’ve been raised as Americans and are now adults. We’re a nation of laws or should be but evidently can’t be until I pack the Supreme Court. We need more dependable judges. A few days ago, Roberts and Neil Gorsuch, a guy I nominated and trusted, joined the four liberal justices to rule that gender identity and sexual orientation can’t be used as reasons to fire people. This country is starting to get very brown and gay and weird, and I’m the only guy who can save us.

John Bolton, the sloppy mustache who served as my national security advisor until I fired his ass, is one sick puppy trying to sell his book of lies and classified information. Before I hired him and during his time as my employee, Bolton often spoke publicly about what a great job I was doing. Now, to make a few millions bucks, he claims I saw conspiracies everywhere and used undelivered military aid to try to club Ukraine into investigating corrupt Joe Biden and his drug-addicted son, and begged President Xi Jinping of China to buy lots of soybeans and wheat to help me win in 2020 and to go right ahead building concentration camps to control its Muslim Uighur minority.

If John Bolton, the warmonger who gets along with no one, really believes I’m bad why didn’t he testify at my impeachment trial?

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