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I’m sick of three months lockup getting worse watching Derek Chauvin drive his knee into the neck of George Floyd till he dies and the nation rumbles. I should get out but where would I go other than the market or pharmacy or on an aimless drive around dreary Bakersfield? People I’ve invited over say it’s too dangerous even if we sit twelve feet apart in my living room and wear masks. I need to make some adventurous friends like the eighty percent who don’t wear masks where I buy food. That may not happen. I want something stimulating now so call an outgoing guy I’ve known a long time. He lives near Seattle and just got back from Tucson where he and golfing buddies flew in a commercial plane about half full.

“What are people saying about George Floyd in Tucson and Seattle?” I ask.

“Everyone I’ve talked to, and I mean every one, thinks it’s murder,” he says. “I know a lot of conservative guys. They all say that cop’s a killer. Cops here think the same. Derek Chauvin isn’t what they stand for. His life is basically over. I doubt he’ll ever get out. And I don’t know how they’ll protect him in prison, even if they put him in a white collar country club.”

“How bad are the riots in your area?”

“There’s no problem where we are, thirty miles from downtown. But I guarantee you, our guns are loaded and we’ll kill anyone who tries to loot our family homes. The protestors’ anger is justified, but they, like Martin Luther King, should be marching peacefully. A majority of those breaking windows and setting fires and looting businesses aren’t there for social justice. They’re there to raise hell and see how much stuff they can steal.”

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