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She Came RunningFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

This is a dream. Frank Sinatra’s coming to our little ten-thousand town in Indiana to make a great movie and I’m going to get him. I’ve loved him since I was a little girl. He’s so handsome and charming and the greatest singer ever. Lots of people are downtown today after hearing the stars are going to be shooting outside. I can’t believe how excited I am. I’m thrilled but scared. I’m pretty but not like Ava Gardner and many other stars who chase Frank. I don’t care. I know he’ll feel about me like I do about him. He’s got to. Oh god, there he is, even more exciting in person.

“Frank,” I say, standing on my tiptoes and waving. “Frank.”

He must not hear me.

“Settle down,” says Ed, my husband.

“Go back to work,” I tell him.

“I better keep an eye on you.”

I push his hand away from mine.

Before they shoot Frank talks to that tart Shirley MacLaine. I bet he’s already sleeping with her. He is, if he wants to. I’m not worried about her. I’m cuter but to make sure Frank notices I dash by security guards and shove Shirley, saying, “Get away from him,” and embrace Frank under his arms around his around chest, pushing my cheek next to his, and say, “Frank, I’m so happy to meet you.”

He looks irritated. I hope he understands I didn’t want this to be a bear hug. He pushes my shoulders and looks at a guard and says, “Get her outta here.”

“Frank, you don’t understand.”

He keeps pushing my shoulders and two guys pull me away and Frank turns his back. Ed runs up and says, “Gladys, you don’t even know the man.”

“He’s the most man I’ve ever seen.”

That evening a policeman I’ve known for years comes over to our house and tells me I can’t come to shooting anymore.

“You can’t stop me,” I say.

“We can, Gladys,” he says. “Please cooperate.”

“Listen to him, will you, Gladys?” says Ed.

I’m so nervous I have to go to bed for a few days. When I return to my job as a secretary people kid me so bad I cry. Don’t they care? Frank Sinatra’s in town, carrying on with Shirley and icy blond Martha Hyer and probably plenty of others and all I’ve got is Ed who’s no Frank. I’m happy when they leave town. Go on. Get back to Hollywood. Frank and Dean Martin and guys like that don’t want wholesome girls from the Midwest. They want loose women no matter where they come from.

Several months later Some Came Running comes to town and I don’t want to see it but can’t wait because I still love Frank even though he rejected me. I didn’t have a chance and don’t understand why he wants Shirley who’s stupid and mousy and goes to Martha Hyer’s classroom to tell her she isn’t rich or smart like Martha and doesn’t want to cause any problems if she loves Frank, which of course she does, but Martha’s shocked Frank’s been seeing such a loose woman and doesn’t want to see him anymore. After lonely Frank marries Shirley her no count boyfriend comes in from Chicago and shoots him and gets ready to fire again when Shirley jumps between them and is shot and falls on Frank and dies bleeding in his arms. I’d like to comfort Frank but he’s not here and no doubt already has someone else.

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