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Liberals and other weaklings are destroying our country with this extreme and shortsighted lockdown. We conservatives have got to reestablish order. We do that by keeping in mind and acting on what President Trump and Rush Limbaugh and Fox News commentators and other patriotic geniuses tell us.

First, remember that most of these poor people aren’t dying of the coronavirus. They’re dying with the coronavirus. I bet you didn’t know using “of” or “with” could make such a difference. Look, I feel sorry for those thousands of senior citizens here and in other countries. But let’s get real. They were about to die of old age anyway and most of them had some bad preexisting conditions like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. It was just a coincidence they had the coronavirus. Liberals don’t like to admit that.

Second, I need to remind you that the cure is worse than the disease. We’ve already lost several million jobs and more than a quarter of the stock market. Imagine all the depression, suicides, and homelessness coming from that. Liberals don’t talk much about that.

Third, these highfalutin scientific models and fatality projections are way too severe. They’re talking about millions of deaths worldwide and hundreds of thousands in the United States. Come on. I’m sorry for the seventeen thousand Americans who’ve died with, not of, the coronavirus and the eighteen thousand in Italy and fifteen thousand in Spain and so on. But come on. Most of them were dying by the time they contracted the coronavirus.

That brings me to my last point. Those fifteen hundred who died of the coronavirus in the U.S. today basically died of the flu or something like it. That’s all the coronavirus is. If you’re healthy when you get it, you’ll be fine. If you’re already old and ill, the flu or coronavirus or whatever you want to call it may push you where you’re already heading anyway.

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