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I fly to Guam and march onto the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and over the radio tell almost five thousand crew members this is Navy Secretary Thomas Modly and I’m tired of your complaining about the coronavirus spreading on board and infecting more than one hundred seventy of you who have a mission and your mission is what matters and your naïve and stupid captain, Brett Crozier, should not have been whining, particularly in a memo to at least twenty officials he begged to remove most of you from this infectious hotbox and into quarantine on shore. Naturally, his memo was leaked – that’s why he sent it to so many people – and I’m here now ordering you to toughen up and forget the captain you applauded as he left the ship after I fired him. Now the irresponsible captain has coronavirus and plenty of you do too but that doesn’t matter because this great ship has nuclear weapons and lots of bombs and planes and other dangerous stuff and we can’t just abandon ship and leave it naked.

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