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I’m jumping on board right quick with other Republican governors and shutting down lots of stuff in my state since I learned some “game changing” information about the coronavirus. “We didn’t know until the last twenty-four hours” that this ungodly virus “is now transmitting before people see signs.” Liberals are saying they knew all along. I doubt that.

They’re jealous I’m the good ole boy who in 2018 ran the coolest campaign TV ad in history, blowing up government spending, gripping a rifle “no one’s taking away,” starting a chain saw that’s “ready to rip up some regulations,” and riding in my “big truck in case I need to round up some criminal illegals and take ’em home myself.”

I’m the guy Georgia wanted instead of wild liberal Stacey Abrams who might’ve stolen the close election if I hadn’t thrown out thousands of voter registrations that didn’t match driver’s license and social security information. Watch my campaign ad again and you’ll see that no virus or bad guys are gonna get over on Brian Kemp.

Brian Kemp Campaign Ad – No, this isn’t Saturday Night Live

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