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I’d like to apologize to President Trump though I realize he’s too great and busy to notice or care what people like me think. I’m now in the minority. The majority of Americans, according to recent polls, believe the president is doing a fine job managing the coronavirus pandemic. I guess the majority is impressed by a man who a month ago said the United States had only fifteen infected people and would soon have zero or no more than one or two. Today, as morbidity skyrockets, the United States leads the world with about a hundred thousand reported cases including one thousand five hundred deaths. I suppose the majority is impressed that Trump, a climate-change denier, announced he’s inherently bright and coherent in scientific matters, doctors and other professionals having told him so. Evidently the majority is heartened the commander in chief thinks in a couple of weeks we’ll walk out of the quarantine and return to workplaces and churches and bars and ballgames and everything will be fine, or at least better than it would be if the economy is shut down any longer. One must conclude the masses like a strutting bullshit artist who’s rude to media members asking difficult but appropriate questions. I don’t know why I’m surprised. Historically, most people kiss the ass of a leader just before he unloads in their faces.

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