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Come on. Admit it. You’re happy Dr. Anthony Fauci, the celebrity expert about pandemics, isn’t on stage with me today. He’s a little guy, just a squirt, and I think people are getting irritated he always talks about medicine and ignores human pain caused by the shutdown that’s starting to ruin my great economy.

Fauci wouldn’t understand what a guy on Fox News said an hour ago and I’m already repeating, we can’t let the cure be way worse than the problem. I keep explaining we lose thousands and thousands in car accidents every year, and we lose even more to flu. It doesn’t help when fussy little Fauci says there’s a “false equivalency” between autos and the coronavirus, and “we must face the fact that coronavirus is more deadly than the flu.”

Fauci and other liberal health officials are probably wrong about that, especially when you factor in countless suicides that will soon come if we don’t stop this panicky destruction of jobs and wealth. I’m going to save those people and order everything back to normal by Easter.

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