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Bernie’s Last StandFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Look how the political lackeys are marching to the drumbeat.

Kamala Harris says, Joe Biden, it was very hurtful when you opposed busing because I was a little black girl who took buses to better schools but considering the alternatives I’ve decided to back you for president of the United States.

And Cory Booker runs in to say, Joe, you wouldn’t have remotely as much support among blacks if you hadn’t been Barack Obama’s vice president but that’s what you were and you kicked my ass in the primaries so I’m supporting you for president.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg announces, Joe, you’re not nearly as sharp or rich as I am – who the hell is? – but I’ve still decided to endorse your doddering effort to flatten Donald Trump and become our next president.

Callow Beto O’Rourke tells his viewers, Latinos love you, Joe, and my Texas is very Latino and I’m almost one myself so I’m going to help you become president.

Pesky Pete Buttigieg, who thinks wealthy northern European socialism is the same as poor Cuban communism, claims I’ll ruin the Democratic Party.

Joe, says abrasive Amy Klobuchar, I’m at this stage what America needs, a real smart woman, even if it’s only as your vice president.

I guess Andrew Yang isn’t really interested in change since he’s jumping on the shaky Biden train.

Elizabeth Warren, who we now see never was a progressive, is also waiting to climb on Joe Biden’s back.

I wonder who these people are, other than a bunch of political opportunists salivating to run for president in 2024. They know Joe Biden. He’s a man who’s slipping fast mentally and who supported the war in Iraq I opposed and backed the banker-friendly bankruptcy bill I fought and used to talk about cutting social security, an atrocity I’d never permit.

And what’s the result of all this? I’ve got to win Michigan, where I topped Hillary Clinton in 2016, but blacks and other voters gang up to help Biden win by seventeen percentage points and twenty delegates, and it looks about the same in redneck Missouri and is even worse in backwoods Mississippi. The powerbrokers prevail even in liberal green Washington where I’m in a dead heat. At least I win a two-delegate advantage in North Dakota. But let’s be frank. The overall numbers don’t look good. I’m down by about a hundred fifty delegates and liable to get whacked next week in Florida and the week after that in Georgia.

Joe Biden’s probably got the nomination about wrapped up. I’m not going to admit this, though. I’m going to fight on and debate him in Phoenix in a few days and ask if he’s really going to veto a Medicare for All bill if it’s passed in Congress. I’m going to keep denouncing the wealthy who rob the poor. And I’m going to fight for you but too many of you are voting against yourselves.

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