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When a guy’s worth sixty billion and rapidly spends five hundred million in a presidential primary he’s not going to mail you cheap sheets of thin paper. These ads are triple wide and firm. The first two-sided color production says, “Undefeated Mike Bloomberg – He Beat the NRA – He Beat The Coal Lobby – He Beat Big Tobacco – Next Up – Beating Donald Trump.”

Given his ineptitude as a debater and lack of warmth on the campaign trail, Bloomberg isn’t going to defeat Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden in order to take a swing at fellow New Yorker Trump, but he’s bright and tough and keeps firing his mailers.
“My Son Joe Was Shot Six Times,” says a lady in a large color photo.

“It takes a lot of courage to take on the gun lobby,” the team responds, “and Mike Bloomberg was willing to take on the NRA when others were not.”

Bloomberg’s right the NRA is a national health threat and returns fire with a fancy mega-pamphlet featuring a diptych cover of candles against a black background and this refrain in white, “We’ve lit too many candles, mourned too many loved ones.”

Open the covers left and right and see twenty horizontal inches of Bloomberg rather awkwardly holding hands, slapping hands, walking, talking privately, and speaking publicly with families of victims.

The next ad on top features a mountain ablaze titled “Fire” and a smog shrouded freeway labeled “Pollution” below. Boxed in the center it says, “Trump’s Policies Are Killing California.” On the other side Bloomberg poses with Governor Jerry Brown in one photo and with children and adolescents in the other three. Another ad has four folding parts stating “We want” on one side and on the other “Climate Action” or “Quality Healthcare” or “World-Class Schools” or “Gun Safety.”

When the ninth-richest man in the world spends his money to try to help, he will be listened to. And when people listen they’re often impressed with the ideas but, according to polls, uncomfortable with the messenger.

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