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Bernie’s in South Carolina trouble. Good old boys and girls down here are worried as hell he’s not only Jewish he’s a communist. And in this debate his Democratic primary adversaries are plenty heated up, too, lashing from all sides as locals cheer.

Peach-fuzz Pete Buttigieg says, “It’s time to stop acting like the presidency is the only office that matters… Democratic candidates not only aren’t backing (this radical), they’re running from him.” He thinks Sanders’ presidential candidacy is fated not only to fail but destroy their advantage in the House and squander any chance of retaking the Senate and torpedo Democrats running for governor and state legislative offices across the land.

Sanders is also tomahawked for having backed the NRA in backwoods Vermont. Waving a hot hand at moderators, in the manner of his opponents, he counters, “I’ve made some bad votes but thirty years ago I lost a race for the only House seat in our state because I wanted to ban assault rifles.” He doesn’t add but implies he rode the NRA’s political train a long time before recently earning a D- rating from the kings of automatic weapons.

When his opponents briefly stop implying Sanders is a devotee of Fidel Castro, he lectures, “The United States has overthrown regimes around the world… (It’s all right) for us to knowledge that Cuba did some things well in education and medical care. They have a hundred percent literacy rate.”

Eager Pete says, “A look at the bright side of Castro’s Cuba is a bad look for Democrats.”

And what about the U.S. commitment to Israel, a right wing country that could be compelled to moderate its behavior by a liberal leader of the United States?

“I’m proud of being Jewish,” Sanders says. “I once lived in Israel for some months, and I’m committed to Israel’s security. Their problem is the reactionary racist leader Benjamin Netanyahu” and his apartheid policies.

“This feller might as well be criticizing our history of race relations in South Carolina,” one local whispers to another. “He better remember the Civil War started right here at Fort Sumter.”

Sanders knows. He’s not going to win in the land of Strom Thurmond and Lindsey Graham. Joe Biden, a bit more coherent tonight than in previous debates, is widening his lead and will prevail here Saturday.

On Super Tuesday Sanders will win California but leads by less than two points in Texas and North Carolina. If Biden takes those states and others where he’s competitive, the Sanders scientific team may replace the current candidate with the more telegenic and less strident Bernie Sanders of 1988, a YouTube sensation, who’d have a better chance against Donald Trump. But what if team Trump replaces the rotund president with dashing young Donald from the same year?

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