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I’m amazed and becoming a little worried several people in recent months have asked me, “General Jones, what would the military do if Donald Trump loses the election in November but claims fraud, or something else, and refuses to leave the White House?”

“I’ve been a soldier since entering West Point forty years ago,” I tell them, “and as a veteran of combat and student of history I often think about General Washington and his brave revolutionaries repelling the Red Coats, and General Grant and our nation crushing the Confederate traitors, and President Roosevelt harnessing our spirit and industrial might to help defeat Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan. I remember all our other conflicts large and small as I talk to a million dead soldiers and more than that maimed and pray for their families and to all of them I say, ‘Thank you fighting for our country. God bless your sacrificing everything for liberty. We will forever honor and benefit from your legacy, and no one will ever take away our freedom.’

“I can’t fathom any president of the United States trying to become a dictator. I’m confident that such vile criminal action would never be attempted or even contemplated. Fear not.”

“Yes, General Jones, but what if…”

“Any aspiring tyrant would be removed from the White House by the very forces who have heretofore so valiantly protected our right to live as free people.”

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