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Trump Denounces BoltonFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

John Bolton’s a warmonger who couldn’t have gotten any job that required Senate confirmation so he begged me to make him national security adviser. People I trust convinced me to bring Bolton in to scare Iran and North Korea but he actually wanted to attack them and plenty of others and would’ve started World War Six by now if I hadn’t fired his ass and saved billions of lives.

Now look what Bolton’s doing. He’s trying to peddle a nasty and untrue book he wrote really fast, claiming I withheld military aid from Ukraine in exchange for political favors. Really? Let me show the world this video of you saying I’d just had a “warm and cordial” conversation with President Zelensky and appreciated the free and uncorrupt nation he leads. You aren’t publishing your lies or a bunch of classified national security secrets. Try that and you’ll go to jail while getting your pants sued off by my army of lawyers. Game over.

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