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A short man in suit and tie twice taps the frame of the doorway to the Oval Office. “Mr. President, may I please have a word with you?”

“Dr. King, I’m always glad to see you but you really should make an appointment.”

“I thought I had one every year on this holiday.”

Trump stands and walks to shake King’s hand. “Of course you do. Happy birthday. You look great.”

“Not bad for ninety-one.”

“You’ll always look thirty-nine,” says Trump. “Come on in and sit down.”

“Please excuse me for standing, Mr. President. I’ll be brief.”

Smiling, Trump says, “I guess you’re here to thank me for creating more jobs for blacks than any president in history.”

“You do deserve some credit in that regard, as does your predecessor. But I’m here to talk about your impeachment.”

Trump’s mouth tightens. “The Democrats are lying.”

“I’m afraid, Mr. President, that witnesses are gathering to contradict you.”

“Mitch McConnell’s not going to let a bunch of traitors overturn my election.”

“I presume that means you’ll be blocking testimony and burying documents.”

“Guys,” Trump hollers, “Dr. King is leaving now.”

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