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Quit handwringing and moralizing. If Democrats are to win in 2020 they must find a candidate who’s more appealing than Trump. That may sound easy but who would that be? Which Dem would you bet your house on? I’ve been looking but don’t see anyone who can win. Politics is show business, and Donald Trump – bloated and obscene – is a solid favorite. I hope no one thinks Joe Biden can beat him. Biden can’t. If Trump is to be defeated, something unforeseen must come up, something that hurts him in razor-thin races in the Rust Belt. There must be some new outrage that Independents, at least, will not tolerate. Trump supporters didn’t care about Mueller and Russia and don’t give a damn about Hunter Biden and Ukraine. Get real and batter him on the issues and hope he implodes before the election, before he can start a war in Iran and, now that his buddy Kim Jong Un isn’t so cuddly, in North Korea. A second Trump term is scary.

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