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I’m being lynched by a slobbering gang of Democrats who still won’t accept I won a landslide to become commander in chief of the United States and most of the civilized world.

Every day my domestic enemies meet in secret and prepare to release more lies about me. It’s like fighting a ghost. Okay, I’m a fighter, too, and always hit back harder than those who attack me, and am proud thirty House members of my Freedom Caucus activated their cell phones and invaded a secure room in the Capitol where traitors were trying to frame me for Ukraine just like they’d tried to string me up for No Collusion, No Obstruction in the Russian farce.

I’m not going to turn over information to this mob even if they do have some slimy subpoenas. They won’t get any help from us. What I’ll give them is endless counterattacks on Twitter: “Where’s the whistleblower? The fake Washington Post keeps doing phony stories with zero sources that I’m concerned with impeachment scam. I am not because I did nothing wrong. The witch hunt continues…”

The Democrats are getting more desperate and by Election Day, in little more than a year, they’ll be waving white flags.

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