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Nothing makes me happier than watching Democrats debate each other in front of Americans who undoubtedly think the candidates are incompetent. You know there’s NO WAY any of them can beat me and they know it too. That’s why they’re pushing for the illegal and absurd impeachment of an extraordinarily successful president. That won’t work. Next year they’re going to have to send a lamb to die in the general election.

Right now it looks like Elizabeth Warren is the least weak candidate emerging from a bad field. I’ll rip Pocahontas for her plan to take people’s private health insurance and replace it with Medicare for All. How many trillion dollars a year would that cost and who’d pay for it? Warren also wants to cut our revenues by outlawing fracking for oil and natural gas. That disaster would be worsened by her goal of legalizing illegal border crossings and then giving Medicare for All to the alien criminals. She also wants you to pay reparations to descendants of slaves. Really, the Democrats are staggering so far left they might as well cancel the election and save themselves the beating.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, two really bad broads, don’t fool us when they announce they’re supporting Bernie Sanders. They know damn well Bernie was looking hunched and feeble long before his heart attack and people aren’t excited about him like they were four years ago. AOC and Omar and their America-hating gang are just sending a message to Elizabeth Warren that she better continue imitating a commie.

That’s what the new Democrats want. They want defeat and know they’re going to get it unless a Republican-controlled Senate helps convict me of doing a little routine business with President Zelensky of Ukraine. Damn right I said take a look at Crazy Joe Biden and his unethical son. That’s good diplomacy. Get Over It.

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