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Democrats are going to lie and complain even when I keep my campaign promise to avoid endless foreign wars especially in the Middle East. I’m not afraid to strike the Iranians for blowing up Saudi oil. I’m just being realistic they could do it again.

Now even Republicans are complaining I moved our troops out of harm’s way in northeast Syria so Turkey can do some shooting and make a little buffer zone to keep Syrian Kurds from joining Turkish Kurds who want to terrorize our great NATO ally.

Do you want me to fight Turkey? I know you really don’t. But what about betraying allies who helped us crush ISIS? I’ve got the Kurds’ back, and if the Turks go too far I’ll destroy their economy. And what if the Kurds run into the arms of Bashar al-Assad? That’s probably what they’ll do and you can’t stop it and would protest if I tried and even I couldn’t do anything and have anyway promised to stay out of stuff like that.

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