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I was raised in Sacramento, California and as a young adult there in the late 1970s I felt many of the same fears of others in the community then being tormented by an unknown criminal who’d become known as “The East Area Rapist.” In the early 1980s his crimes in Sacramento stopped but there were similar assaults in the Bay Area near San Francisco. Then those crimes also stopped. What happened to the East Area Rapist? We learned in 2018 when a sophisticated DNA search led to his arrest: Joe DeAngelo had begun murdering people in Southern California. He is definitively linked to those homicides. It also appears he killed a young couple in Sacramento before taking his horrors elsewhere. I wondered what it would be like to question this man in a different and more confrontational way, so I wrote “Meet the Golden State Killer” and added the subtitle “An Alternative Interrogation.” The result, readers assure me, is an exciting (or chilling) 17-page creative read about one of the most horrific serial rapists and killers in United States history.

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