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Why Saudi Oil was AttackedFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

You want to know who is responsible for the drone strikes that blasted the world’s largest oil distribution facility and temporarily knocked out half of Saudi Arabia’s production. Let’s follow the trail. China, Russia, the United States, and Europeans allies bargained arduously with Iran and in 2015 the nations signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action better known as the Iran nuclear deal. Iran agreed to hold its production of nuclear material well below weapons-making levels and their compliance was ten times confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency. In exchange, powerful nations, particularly the United States, eased many sanctions that damaged Iran’s economy and citizens. Saudi Arabia still pestered the United States to strike Iran. So did Israel. The Saudis and Israelis are forever anxious for Americans to slaughter hundreds of thousands of Arabs, and now Persians, while also spilling much American blood and burning trillions of dollars.

President Barack Obama and his administration, along with the other signatories, ignored the warmongers. Then candidate Donald J. Trump began calling the Iran nuclear deal the worst in history, and that must be pretty damn bad considering people who sign deals with Donald Trump are often fleeced. Furthermore, one wonders how Trump understood the deal’s contents since the odds he read the entire document are about as long as his someday becoming an honest man. Trump, of course, wasn’t content to merely defecate on the deal. He also resumed crippling sanctions and added more, sending economic jackals around the world to threaten nations with dire consequences if they dared buy oil from Iran. Rather than tell Donald J. Trump to shove it, most nations dropped their drawers and bent over, and the Iranian economy and people began to suffer.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia continued to pump and sell ten percent of the world’s oil and make billions of dollars a week. Iran decided this wasn’t fair, especially from a nation that has used its splendid military hardware, purchased from the United States, to slaughter thousands of Yemenis during their civil war to the south. Now there’s been a devastating drone strike probably beyond the technical and economic abilities of the Houthis or any other group in Yemen. So Mike Pompeo, the corpulent, bible-thumping secretary of state, has blamed Iran for the strike. Information has indeed been filtering in that Iranian forces in southern Iraq, perhaps aided by their Shia Iraqi allies, may be responsible for the attack. Iranians probably were involved in the strike. But the person most responsible for turning a manageable situation into an inferno is Donald J. Trump.

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