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Joe Six Pack Demands Better Security After Mass KillingsFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

I know you’re not surprised what the libtards have been shouting all week since the first of four mass shootings: ban assault rifles. That’s the last thing an American should ask for, and I’m confident most citizens understand what we really need is to arm ourselves better and always be ready to kill the bad guys. There are plenty of them.

I served three tours in Iraq and two in Afghanistan, belong to the NRA, go to the shooting range every week, hunt many times a year, and know a helluva lot more about security than almost anyone. So I’m going to tell you exactly what we’ve got to do.

Take that shooting early Sunday morning in the nightlife district in Dayton. The police did a great job, killing the body-armored shooter less than a minute after he opened fire, but we’ve got to do better. Not the police, who can’t be everywhere, but all of us. We’ve got to be packing all the time. I’m not saying we should be marching around with assault rifles, like these killers, but we could damn sure be carrying high-caliber handguns with plenty of ammo. Imagine if even half the hundreds of partiers had been armed. At least one of them would have put a slug in the shooter’s head before he killed more than a couple of people instead of the nine who died.

Now look at that Walmart in El Paso where about twelve hours earlier another shooter murdered twenty or so and wounded more than two dozen. Don’t tell me the bloodshed would’ve been that bad if every Walmart employee had been armed and ready to go. Also, at least half the shoppers should’ve had guns on their hips. That’s just common sense. I bet they would’ve kept the body bag total under ten, a major improvement.

A few days before that, at the Walmart in Mississippi, armed employees would’ve helped but the situation was a little trickier since the killer was a disgruntled employee who gunned down two coworkers. We want all employees to be ready but, I admit, if one of them is pissed it’s easy to start shooting. A police officer shot the shooter but if the victims had been prepared they might’ve been able to wound or kill the killer before he killed them. It’s sad.

The situation last Sunday at the Gilroy Garlic Festival south of San Jose reminds me of the Dayton partiers. All those people having a good time in Gilroy forgot to bring one thing: their gun. If you don’t have a gun, people, take it from a warrior that you’re not going to stop a guy who’s wearing tactical gear and firing an assault rifle. I know two of the three who died were children, so I’m not blaming them. But they must’ve been there with adults who should’ve been ready. You get thousands of people in one place, it’s a guarantee some will be crazies. I’m surprised only about a dozen people were wounded. There would’ve been more bloodshed but police closed in and the killer shot himself.

The libtards are saying that President Trump’s patriotic speechmaking and defense of the border may have encouraged unstable people to cross the line. That just isn’t fair. This stuff was happening long before Trump became president. The guy in Gilroy had been complaining online that hordes of mestizos are invading the country, which is true, but he also didn’t like Silicon Valley “twats.” To get a better picture of things, go to 8chan where, minutes before he started shooting, the guy in El Paso posted three hot pages against immigrants taking our jobs and diluting our European identity. I don’t read 8chan that much but just tuned in and learned that about the same time as Dayton someone shot seven people in Chicago. According to the website, which I imagine is a good source, no one’s dead yet, but that could change. The anonymous commentator – they all hide their names – posted: “its absolutely fucking happening !!! the FIRE RISES!!!” That kind of stuff attracts thirty-five thousand visitors every day. Make sure your guns are loaded.

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