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Daughter Debates DadFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Our flat screen shows a wide stage containing ten eager presidential candidates.

“Daddy, what’s a Hickenlooper?” asks my daughter.

“That’s a former governor of Colorado,” I say.

“What’s he doing in California?”

“They’re in Detroit for a debate.”


“They’re trying to become president of the United States.”

“Who’s going to win?”

Jabbing my index finger and looking stern, I say, “Melissa, I told you you were going to have to be quiet.”

“She gets up from the sofa and walks toward her bedroom, turning to tell me, “I’m going to play video games.”

“Come on back, Melissa, I’m sorry. Besides, no video games on weeknights.”

She returns. “I still want to know who’s going to win.”

“Among those here tonight, I like Bernie Sanders and think he has the best chance.”

“Which one’s he?”

“The one who’s talking right now.”

Melissa throws hands over eyes and says, “Oh, no. He’s older than Grandpa.”

“Only a few years. But you may have a point. A lot of people worry about his age.”

“Who else do you like?”

“Elizabeth Warren, in the red jacket.”

Melissa shakes her head. “She looks like Mrs. Bodkin, my Sunday school teacher. But Mrs. Bodkin’s younger.”

“Mrs. Bodkin’s not running for president, Melissa. And Elizabeth Warren is very healthy and vigorous at age seventy. She’s three years younger than President Trump.”

“She doesn’t look like a president.”

“Because we’ve never had a woman president,” I say.

“Elizabeth and Bernie are boring.”

“Maybe you’ll like some of the candidates tomorrow night.”

Opening wide eyes, Melissa says, “You mean there are more candidates?”

“Ten more, among those who qualified.”

“Are they really old, too?”

“Well, the leader in the polls, Joe Biden, is only a year younger than Bernie.”


“These are all bright and conscientious people, Melissa.”

“They sound silly.”

“Only because you’re too young to understand the issues.”

“I’m voting for President Trump,” says Melissa.

“Why, in God’s name?”

“He’s fun to watch.”

“Thankfully, you’re way too young to vote.”

“I’m old enough to know who’s going to win.”

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