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Look at all you fine Americans in the arena tonight and in television land and my online universe. You know I’m no dummy and was aware three of the four congresswomen I tomahawked in tweets the other day were born in the United States. The worst of them, Ilhan Omar of Somalia, really should go back to the cesspool she came from since all she does is criticize the United States and Israel. And she ought to take Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with her because Cortez, let’s shorten her name, isn’t merely a socialist, she’s a scary brown communist who wants to turn the country I’ve made great into a Soviet Puerto Rico. Yeah, Cortez is from the Bronx, and look at that place. It’ll get even worse with her in Congress. She loves accusing me of racism because I’m guarding our border and humanely treating the not-so-good people who’re trying to sneak in. She’s lying, something I never do, when she says our border housing is like a concentration camp. Cortez needs to get online and check out Dachau or an Indian reservation, then she’ll know what a concentration camp really is.

Rashida Tlaib is so bad. She was born in Detroit and has helped turn that once great city into a junkyard and shooting gallery. She doesn’t say much about that. She’d rather attack Israel for “dehumanization and racist policies” and complain that her “ancestors were killed and uprooted from their land (in order) to create the state of Israel.” Too bad Tlaib’s ancestors didn’t come from a great democratic nation like Israel, which is getting bigger all the time as it expands West Bank settlements and I look the other way and hope you do too. That’s the American white way. Ayanna Pressley, who’s probably Elvis’ older sister, was born in Cincinnati and raised in Chicago before moving to Boston where she’s hoodwinked those who should know better. Lots of Jews in Boston think she’s their friend and an able public servant. She’s not. She’s black, female, and a far leftie, and you know what they’re like.

I’ve gotta wait while you folks chant, “Send them back, send them back…”

I understand how you feel. That’s how I want you to feel. I want you concentrating on four first-term congresswomen who are dark and dangerous. Don’t worry about what they and other aliens are saying about me. I’m the guy they can’t beat, and they know it. In the whole United States, in the whole world, including actors, musicians, athletes, no one has my star power, not a single person, and our enemies just can’t handle that.

King Donald by George Thomas Clark

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