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Putin Buries LiberalismFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

What great guy is Donald Trump. Finally, United States has president who understands trends of history. As new kind of candidate, Trump “saw changes in American society and took advantage of this.” He knew “Western liberalism is dying if not already dead.” Reason is simple: liberals “presuppose nothing needs to be done… Migrants can kill and rape with impunity because their rights must be protected.” I praise President Trump for “trying to stop immigrants and drugs.”

It’s absurd, of course, to accuse me of interfering in 2016 presidential election. United States interferes in elections all over world and has many times overthrown, and even killed, political enemies abroad, as well as invaded more countries than I have space to recount. Yes, I know, Russia and other powers throughout history have behaved in similar ways. So don’t make big deal of little cyber activity. Play it cool like President Trump at G-20 meeting in Osaka.

When reporters asked him about my alleged interference, he smiled and pointed at me, saying, “Don’t meddle in the election.”

Right, we won’t meddle in your elections, and you won’t meddle in anyone else’s, will you?

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