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Sure, I’d listen to people from another country if they said they had important information about my political enemies. Don’t bother moralizing. You wouldn’t call the FBI, either. Stakes are too high. I’m not only making us great and guarding against terrorists, I’m fighting a very dangerous guy at home. Actually, Joe Biden would only be dangerous if he beat me in 2020, and you know that’s not going to happen.

In Iowa this week I’m learning people don’t respect him. All he does is mention my name dozens of times in speeches and slide further into the tank. He’s worse than Crooked Hillary. And now he’s saying I must be fascinated by him. Irritated is more like it. He claims he opposes everything I’m about and that I’m an existential threat to America and trying to become a dictator.

Really, I wish Biden could win the Democratic nomination. He’d be easy to beat because he’s a mental weakling and I like stepping on weaklings, been doing that all my life. Biden can’t make Iowa farmers believe they’re suffering because of my tariffs against China. People here and everywhere know I’m protecting our trade and agriculture and they keep looking at the great economy I’ve built and know they can’t trust Biden. He spent his career supporting a ban on federal funding of abortions but now, since the Democrats are to the left of Lenin, he’s flipping his position. I’ve always been consistent as well as honest.

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