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Lighten up. I’m not really planning to go to war with Iran. I hope I don’t have to. I just want them to think I’m ready. The Iranians know John Bolton and Mike Pompeo want war but are also aware I’ve got people around me who’re doves compared to those two. Nobody’s going to push me into war. My great brain analyzes all relevant information before I decide what to do. Keep in mind, I’ve many times said my instinct is to stay out of foreign conflicts. I didn’t want to invade Iraq in 2003. Only liberal liars try to deny that.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t need to warn me we have “no authorization to go forward in any way.” I’m a dealmaker and ready to talk to the Iranians. Why aren’t they anxious to talk to me? They should ask Kim Jong Un about the benefits of getting to know me. I’d just tell the Iranians we can all be friends and business partners if they stick to the nuclear deal I left and quit developing ballistic missiles and threatening nations in the Middle East and don’t make too big a deal out of my attempts to starve them and destroy their regime by peaceful means.

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