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By God I knew President Trump was being witch hunted by a pack of liberal dogs and am so happy the Mueller Report completely clears him of any collusion or obstruction of justice during the presidential campaign. The only people breaking the law were Democrats who spied on him. That’s what needs to be investigated. I hope like me you’ve already glanced at the Mueller Report released by Attorney General William Barr. He’s an impartial legal scholar who damn well isn’t behaving like the president’s defense attorney as many lying liberals claim. Barr only redacted what he had to for national security. The bottom line is President Trump’s clean as a whistle and didn’t need any Russian help to be beat Crooked Hillary by a country mile. Just as I feared, though, the lefties aren’t going to accept facts and apologize for their terrible accusations. No sirree. They’re still claiming the president misbehaved, even if not in a criminal way, and should be impeached. They know that’s bull and there’s no way sixty-seven Senators would vote to convict an innocent man. Democrats also know they don’t have anyone who can beat President Trump in 2020. Thank God, he’ll be our leader almost six more years.

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