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You know from the beginning I’ve been shouting and tweeting: “No collusion, No obstruction, complete and total EXONERATON. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!” Phony Republican investigator Robert Mueller finally had to release his report and basically admit this is the most ridiculous thing in history. It’s a shame our country and your president had to go through something that began illegally before I was elected. People should’ve instead been looking at what the Democrats were doing. I still think we’ll get Crooked Hillary locked up someday.

My enemies misrepresent everything. They claim in the seventies my dad and I refused to rent to people of color. We settled that in court but without admitting any wrongdoing. They accuse me of many times not paying carpenters, electricians, cooks, and other servants. That was also settled confidentially. And some laugh about Trump University. I didn’t get punished for that. I got elected president.

I wasn’t doing anything wrong by praising Vladimir Putin while trying to make a deal for Trump Tower Moscow. I bet that’ll happen when I retire from politics in January 2025. That’s what I do. I make great deals. And I hire wonderful people. Unfortunately, some, like Paul Manafort, did things before I knew them that I only learned about later. Others, like my former dumb lawyer, Michael Cohen, became convicted liars and are going to prison.

I’ll never go to prison because I never lie or use politics to make money. And I’ll always keep our economy great and our military the best in history. I know you never stopped trusting me and understand I couldn’t have colluded because I’m a patriot and trust Putin when he tells me Russia didn’t interfere.

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