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I don’t expect sympathy. I just want you to be reasonable. It should be irrelevant I’m worth six billions dollars and own the New England Patriots who’ve won six Super Bowl titles since I bought the team twenty years ago. I’m a man of seventy-seven who gets lonely more than you’d think. My wife died several years ago and since then I’ve been dating beautiful model Ricki Noel Lander. She’s almost forty years younger and I’ve often worried she’d be interested in guys her age and then she got pregnant and had a baby I didn’t father. Don’t tell me I should’ve gotten rid of her. I accepted her because I needed her. When I’m away from Ricki, or when we break up, which happens quite a bit, I get as lonely as you would. Please don’t preach. If you had a second home in Palm Beach and often partied at Mar-a-Lago with President Trump, and many other places with countless privileged people, you’d think you had options, too. But remember, I’m denying I did anything wrong in the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter but worried as hell police say they’ve got videos of me and more than twenty other guys getting rubbed and stroked until we had to be cleaned up. What I want you to know is I didn’t really realize these young Asian women were being sex trafficked. I didn’t know they weren’t allowed to leave the spa. I didn’t understand they were slaves. If I’d understood this problem, I swear I would’ve gotten my massages from women I knew were free. I’ve been learning a lot in recent days. We need to remember many people in the sex trade don’t want to be there.

In Other Hands: Revised Edition by George Thomas Clark

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