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I’m a gambler. I’ve made billions from my casinos and know when to double down. I told Kim Jong Un I’d destroy North Korea if he continued testing ballistic missiles and exploding nuclear bombs. And I ordered renegade Iran to continue abiding by terms of our nuclear deal even after I dumped it. Just look at the results. Kim stopped misbehaving and we’ve already met and developed a very good relationship and will soon have another summit. In Iran my sanctions are making citizens very angry at a corrupt theocratic government I’m trying to overthrow peacefully but am prepared to strike unless they become peace loving and trustworthy like the North Koreans.

Now I’m heating the dice and rolling them on immigration. My base, poorly educated white workers and media studs like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, insists I keep my promise to build a great wall on our border with Mexico. I’m already doing that. No one can stop Donald J. Trump. Using my incredible abilities as a dealmaker, I just got about a billion and a half dollars from Congress when no one else could’ve gotten any. But we still need a few billion more. And I’ll get the money. I’m declaring a state of emergency on the border and ordering the chiefs of the army, navy, air force, marines, the border patrol, and others to let me know what they need to stop the invasion of drug dealers and killers who’re making angel moms out of too many Americans. How can anyone justify letting illegal aliens come here and commit violent crimes? You can’t, and after some court battles I’ll have my wall.

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