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Trump is Right about SexFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

I’ve combatted Donald Trump since the 2015 day he crawled down an escalator to launch his presidential campaign founded on division and bigotry but right now I’m compelled to say this in his behalf as well as yours. It’s no one’s damn business when consenting adults get laid in private. Blue nose politicians should have no legal right to threaten Trump with impeachment and imprisonment because he paid two now-overpublicized women to keep quiet. Understandably, he ordered his sacrificial attorney Michael Cohen to hand over a hundred thirty and a hundred fifty grand, respectively. That’s no crime unless he used public money, and it’s doubtful he did. Of course he lied about it. He had to. He sought the highest office in a land of hypocrites who pretend they’re inspired by God to smite those who commit adultery, as long as the adulterer is in the other party. Twenty years ago Bill Clinton had similar difficulties when panty-sniffing Republicans preached until the nation ignored them.

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