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After ducking big rocks, my brave forces weren’t firing tear gas and rubber bullets at women and children charging my beautiful concertina-wire border. They were stopping hordes of invaders, mostly adult males, who would destroy the paradise that we European Americans have created. I made the truth clear. I’ll close the whole border with Mexico. There’s plenty of precedent for that. President Ronald Reagan shut the doors after our drug agent Enrique Camarena was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered. President Richard Nixon ordered Operation Intercept to stop the flow of marijuana from Mexico into the United States. They didn’t find much pot but that wasn’t Nixon’s fault since dealers flew the stuff over his sealed border. President Lyndon Johnson, bereaved and frightened by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, also closed the border. If necessary, I’ll shut down everything from the Pacific two thousand miles to the Gulf of Mexico, and I’ll keep it closed as long as necessary. To those who try to enter this country illegally, I say this: you will be stopped; you can apply for asylum here but you won’t get it if we determine you’re an economic refugee; in that case you’ll either have to stay in Mexico, if the Mexicans will let you, or return to your countries, which I know are wracked by murder and chaos.

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