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Franz von Papen to John RobertsFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

“John Roberts, chief justice of the Supreme Court, I’ve been waiting for you to speak up.”

“Who’s calling?”

“This is Franz von Papen.”

“I’ve heard your name but can’t quite place your position,” Roberts says.

“I was vice chancellor of Germany in June 1934 when I took big risks to give a speech calling for an ‘incorruptible judiciary’ and reminding the chancellor that ‘a press worthy of the name must point out injustices, errors, and abuse. The government must lack confidence in its essential correctness and popularity since, like a weakling, it refuses to endure criticism and labels every dissenting patriot an enemy of the state.’

“Your demand for ‘judicial integrity and independence’ very much reminds one of my speech. Let me hasten to emphasize I’m not comparing Donald Trump to our chancellor, but some principles are eternal.”

“Thank you, Herr von Papen.”

“Hitler Here” by George Thomas Clark

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