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My Midterm VictoriesFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Who’s Matt Whitaker? I guess I met him a dozen times this fall and said he’s a great guy but that doesn’t mean we’re friends. I do know he believes the Mueller investigation has gone too far and that attorney general Jeff Sessions needed to be removed in favor of someone who’d cut Mueller’s budget so low his investigation would run out of gas. I’m confident Matt Whitaker will be a great acting attorney general and get this phony Russia collusion charge out of my life. That’ll also be great for the nation.

You’ve all heard how happy I am about the midterm elections last week. We increased our majority in the Senate. In twenty-one previous midterms the president’s party had done that only four times. No Senate like that is ever going to convict me of anything, especially since I’ve never done anything wrong. I’m just protecting you against the lies of the fake news media. I’m sure most of you cheered when I told a CNN propagandist he was a rude, terrible person and an NPR sniper she insulted me by implying I’m a racist because I’m a nationalist. Nationalism has nothing to do with race. It’s about patriotism. I applaud Republican nationalists who prevented unqualified Indians from voting in North Dakota and kept uneducated blacks away from the polls in Georgia. We have to protect the integrity of our democratic system and make sure those Miami blacks aren’t allowed to stuff the ballot box and steal the Senate race down there.

You don’t have to go anywhere for the truth except my daily White House newsletter where I explain that House and Senate candidates who won embraced conservative messages of low taxes, low regulations, low crime, strong borders, and great judges. Candidates who lost ran away from those themes. The country is behind me so I’m warning the House, quit messing with me or I’ll unleash the Senate and it’s a lot bigger dog.

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