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Slaughter in the SynagogueFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

I bet you haven’t heard of Gab.com but you should. This website is committed “to defend free expression and liberty online for all people.” Facebook and Twitter are afraid to do that. They deny the truth, which is that most of the world doesn’t want white people to survive. I’m not afraid to say and do what must be done. People are damn well going to quit ignoring Robert Bowers. First, I create a dynamite page on Gab.com where I post a photo of “my Glock family” and another of riddled targets at a shooting range and one of a big oven just like those at Auschwitz. It’s so important to understand and publicize that “Jews are the children of Satan,” I post on Gab. I don’t know who else can do anything about them. That’s why I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. He’s surrounded by Jews, and they’re the ones bringing in invaders from Central America to kill our people. I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics. I’m standing in front of a big Pittsburgh synagogue, armed with three Glocks and an AR-15 assault rifle, and posting on Gab that I’m going in, and now I’m screaming “all Jews must die” and shooting as many as I can.

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