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(Last night I visited the White House to talk to President Trump about immigration. He offered ten minutes and demanded I not ask him about Saudi Arabia. I agreed.)

Donald Trump – You’ve read my tweets. Everybody reads them. There’s a caravan of four thousand migrant criminals from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala headed this way right now. They and millions of others are assaulting our country at our Southern border. They’re bringing in drugs. They’re killing and raping each other on the way here, and they’re killing and raping Americans when they get here. And you liberals keep demanding open borders.

George Thomas Clark – Only a very small and radical group of U.S. citizens are advocating open borders. That doesn’t mean other citizens who oppose your wall somehow support open borders. Don’t forget, President Obama was known as the Deporter in Chief because on his watch more undocumented immigrants were arrested and returned than during any previous administration and almost more than in all administrations combined.

DT – He didn’t have the balls to build a wall. I do. The wall isn’t ready now because of the Democrats’ opposition, so in the strongest terms I’m telling Mexico to stop this onslaught. If they can’t get it done, I’ll call up the U.S. armed forces and close the whole Southern border. I’ll also stop all payment to those countries. They’ve got to learn how to control their populations.

GTC – First, you should keep in mind that many Republicans haven’t been anxious to waste billions on your wall. Its effectiveness is in question. And the political message insults people on both sides of the border. Having stated that, I do concede it’s a concern that a large number of people are vowing to bulldoze their way into the United States. A few days ago I read about four thousand people. Now I’m seeing figures like sixteen hundred to two thousand. Authorities along the way are dispersing some of the group and others are breaking away and going home. Your threat to mobilize the U.S. military to close the border is entirely a political move, a rant designed to bring out more Republican voters for the midterm elections.

DT – I have the support of my base. They elected me because of my incredibly strong position against illegal immigration.

GTC – You won’t have much support when this caravan turns into a trickle. The would-be immigrants…

DT – Migrant criminals…

GTC – The people heading this way just got out of Guatemala and are in southernmost Mexico. They’ve still got to walk and survive for two thousand miles.

DT – They’ll invade us if they can.

GTC – They can’t.

DT – Because they know Donald J. Trump is ready to mobilize the greatest army in the world.

GTC – I imagine your blustering will be worth a few House seats on November sixth. But you’ll lose more than that the way you’ve been kissing Saudi Arabia’s ass.

DT – You broke your promise. (He points to two secret service agents, jerking his thumb.) Get him outta here.

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