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I’m not going to address you as Crown Prince since, like many, I don’t recognize the legitimacy of those who inherit political power unless, as in the case of Kim Jong Un, they’re armed with nuclear weapons.

You, Mohammed, have doubtless been quite busy lately, planning or at least overseeing an operation to privately fly fifteen assassins and a forensic pathologist, armed with a bone saw, to Istanbul where you lured civil rights activist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi to a gruesome death. His criticism you evidently could not endure.

I wonder how long it took you to realize you’d made an existential error. You can jail your critics in Saudi Arabia, you can behead many of them, and you can kill thousands of Yemeni civilians, using weapons from the United States paid for with oil money that represents most of what your country can produce. You can do all those things, and you can collude with Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and John Bolton about the best way to continue framing Iran as a nuclear threat and push American leaders to do what they at any rate crave: attack Iran in an attempt to destroy nuclear facilities and remove that nation’s leaders. This criminal act of war, which appears almost inevitable, is crude and misguided since informed people realize the International Atomic Energy Agency has ten times certified Iran in compliance of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action guidelines restricting development of nuclear weapons.

You’re aware of all this, and you also know people around the world are enraged about your barbarism. You’ve blundered so badly even some Republicans in the United States Senate are denouncing you. And you know where this is leading. Your inherited position, consecrated in the blood of those who opposed such a young and unstable man running Saudi Arabia, is very much in peril. Donald Trump will back you, if he can. He’ll back anyone who buys U.S. arms and promises to help with the planned assault on Iran.

Unfortunately for you, Mohammed, many other princes in Saudi Arabia would offer the same support and are already maneuvering to become your successor. This doesn’t mean you’re certifiably doomed. Unlike Jamal Khashoggi and other critics, your heart yet beats and you may be able to survive. But you can’t kill all those who oppose you, and you won’t be able to terrorize the Middle East for the next half century, as you plan. Other forensic pathologists have been contacted about the biggest job yet.

George Thomas Clark

“King Donald” by George Thomas Clark

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