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God, I’m a rock star like there’s never been and so happy to be your incredible president here in excited Topeka. Hello, Kansas. I know you’re thrilled that this afternoon the Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court and I already signed his commission. He’s a great man and will sit proudly alongside Justice Neil Gorsuch, another guy I picked. Together they and the conservative majority on the Court will uphold your sacred rights and defend your God-given freedom.

I’d like to thank Republicans for refusing to back down in the face of the Democrats’ shameless campaign of political and personal destruction. Radical Democrats tried to delay, destruct, and demolish Brett Kavanaugh, a man of great character and intellect. What he and his family have endured at the hands of Democrats is unthinkable. In their quest for power they have turned into an angry mob that threw away due process.

In just four weeks you’ll have a chance at the ballot box to render your verdict about the Democrats’ conduct. We must stop radical Democrats – that’s what they’ve become – and increase our majorities in the Senate and the House. We need more Republicans. Every American has a profound stake in the upcoming election. If the Democrats are willing to cause such destruction in pursuit of power, just imagine the destruction they’d cause if they ever obtained the power they so desperately crave. You don’t give matches to an arsonist and you don’t give power to an angry left-wing mob.

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