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Yeah, I liked beer in high school and college. Didn’t you, Senator? No, I never passed out. I just went to sleep. That’s not blacking out. How about you, Senator, do you black out when drinking. Okay, you don’t have a drinking problem and neither do I and I never did. It doesn’t matter that people who knew me in those days say I was often drunk and belligerent. They’re lying or maybe mistaken. I still love beer and always will because I handle it so well. I’ve got a hundred percent rating as a federal judge from the American Bar Association.

In high school I was captain of the basketball team and a cornerback and wide receiver on the football team. I worked my tail off. I lifted weights in the summer for football and also played basketball to get ready for the regular season. On Sundays I always went to church. For me that was a matter of faith. Academically, I was number one in my class, along with a couple other guys. At Yale I played junior varsity basketball and studied in the library every night and got exceptional grades. I’ve always had great discipline.

I want you senators to quit asking me if the FBI should investigate allegations I assaulted Christine Blasey Ford and a couple of other girls. The FBI’s already investigated my background six times. Isn’t that enough? I’m telling you today it’s too much. Of course I’m speaking loudly and at times choking up and crying. I didn’t see Dr. Ford’s testimony but I hear she was emotional too. I don’t bear her any malice. She’s got some problems, but they don’t have anything to do with me. One of my daughters prayed for her.

Are you praying for me? You should be. You senators and liberals and the vengeful Clintons have permanently damaged my life with your lies and attacks. We don’t need the FBI to investigate the latest allegations. I’m right here. Ask me. All four people Dr. Ford said she remembers from the party have said they didn’t remember anything unusual or even remember the get-together at all. Under penalty of felony they signed their names on statements certifying my innocence. I’m not going to say I want an FBI investigation of Mark Judge. We were good friends but I haven’t seen him in several years. He developed serious problems with drinking and drugs and almost died a couple of times. Mark Judge has already said I never did anything to Christine Ford, who I don’t even remember, and not because I was too drunk.

It’s a disgrace what you Democrats are doing to me. Advice and consent have been replaced with search and destroy. One of you called me “evil” and another said I was “a nightmare.” I’d say the same about you. My family and I’ve been receiving physical threats and people are sending vicious emails to my wife. We’ve already had plenty of Judicial Committee hearings. You couldn’t take me out on the merits, so there’s a last-minute smear campaign, a calculated political hit. This is a circus and the character assassination is grotesque. The consequences will last for decades. In my fifty-three years and seven months of life I’d never been accused of anything, especially assaulting a woman, until a little over a week ago. This onslaught of last-minute allegations doesn’t ring true. Give me a second, here, I’m breaking down.

I’ve been under scrutiny for twenty-six years because I’ve had jobs at the highest level. I was part of Ken Starr’s team that tried to destroy Bill Clinton. Now there’s a sexual predator. Donald Trump isn’t a predator and neither is Brett Kavanaugh. We don’t need more than the six FBI background investigations we’ve already had. I’m innocent. I’m innocent. Look at these calendars I’ve kept like a diary most of my life. Right here, in the summer of 1982, you can see I wrote I was out of town on the weekends of August 1982 when Dr. Ford says I assaulted her. I couldn’t have. You’re destroying my family and me. Just a minute, I’m choking up.

I was a virgin in high school and many years after that. I’ve never been in a room with Christine Ford. You don’t need to ask Mark Judge again. He’s already signed a paper, under penalty of felony, that none of this ever happened. I never ground my genitals into her. I’ve never been sexual with her. The police have never contacted me about this. They know I haven’t done anything wrong. There’s no reason to listen to the American Bar Association’s demand for FBI investigations of last-minute allegations that are lies designed to destroy me. I’m already ruined. For the rest of my life my name will be associated with this. It’s time to ignore my accusers and move on and vote to confirm me as a Supreme Court justice.

“King Donald” by George Thomas Clark

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