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Oh, Jesus, here comes another one. First, Christine Blasey Ford says when she was a drunken chick of fifteen Brett Kavanaugh locked her up and groped her at a high school party in a year and house she can’t remember. You know damn well that’s political. And it’s totally political that Deborah Ramirez, another hard-drinker, needed more than thirty years, and six additional days last week, to get it straight in her scheming head that it was Kavanaugh who shoved his penis in her face during a drinking game in a dorm at Yale. Brett Kavanaugh probably wasn’t even there. Ramirez is just upset some fellow drunks taunted her, “Kiss it, come on, kiss it.” It had to be some other guy pulling up his pants and laughing at her.

Even the hostile New York Times wouldn’t touch this story after contacting dozens of classmates about the allegation. Most didn’t respond to requests for interviews and those who did declined to comment or said they weren’t even there or didn’t remember. If you saw something like that at a party or anywhere else, you’d never forget. Shame on the New Yorker, supposedly a classy publication, for printing gutter gossip to try to ruin a man’s life and keep me from building the right kind of Supreme Court.

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