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I have to tell you that Brett Kavanaugh is such an outstanding man it’s very hard for me to believe as a drunk teenager he pulled a girl into a bedroom, locked the door, turned up the music, threw her on the bed and jumped on her and tried to pull her clothes off, and put his hand over her mouth when she screamed. I’d believe that about Bill Clinton. And, yeah, except for the drinking, I guess plenty of you’d believe that about me. But Justice Kavanaugh doesn’t seem like that kind of guy. In thirty-six years since, no other woman has accused him of grabbing her or doing anything else inappropriate.

Some are demanding an FBI investigation so we can learn more, but we don’t have time to wait on Justice Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation. The mid-term elections are coming in early November. I don’t trust the FBI, anyway, and neither should you. They’re a phony, incompetent, and biased group. Besides, this kind of thing isn’t what they do unless I tell them to.

I take this whole thing seriously, though. I’m a high morals guy and think Christine Blasey Ford should have an opportunity to testify under oath before the Senate, and if she’s convincing, I’ll have to make a decision. Justice Kavanaugh has to defend himself, and I’m sure he’ll do a great job. I think his friend Mark Judge, who was also in that party bedroom, should step up and testify what he’s already said: he never saw Brett behave like that.

It’s not a big deal Mark Judge wrote a Noel Coward quote in someone’s high school yearbook: “Women are like gongs and should be struck regularly.” Come on, that was a joke. Noel Coward was a funny guy. So is Mark Judge. I know Judge had a problem with alcohol, and maybe Brett and Christine were also out of it that night and none of them really remember exactly what happened. Maybe young Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t even at that party. Who knows?

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