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Trump Counterattacks CohenFacebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmail

Can you believe that bum Michael Cohen? I virtually pulled him off the streets and hired him as my personal attorney and made him an important part of the Trump organization, the best in the world. He learned how I operated and I trusted him with confidential information for more than ten years. Now he’s acting like he was in the mafia. I had no idea he paid two broads to stay quiet and not accuse me of screwing around. I only found out about those payments later. So what’s the problem? The money didn’t come from my campaign. It’s my money. There’s no campaign violation.

If you’re looking for a good lawyer, stay away from Michael Cohen. He’s incompetent and a liar. People now ask how come I didn’t notice long ago. I guess he started off loyal before he got greedy. Now he’s breaking down like a weakling and making up wild stories about me. I consider loyalty more important than anything. I’m a loyal guy. Ask people who’ve known me throughout my life. They’ll tell you. Donald Trump’s loyal as hell. I thought Michael Cohen would repay my loyalty. Instead, this dumbass is pleading guilty to two campaign violations that aren’t even close to crimes. Obama had to pay big bucks because of his campaign violations and that was easily settled. This smelly deal with Michael Cohen should be made to go away so I can keep making our country great.

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