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Good morning, America. I stand tall and tough before you to announce I’m reimposing nuclear-related sanctions against Iran. These sanctions had been lifted by the Obama administration and other misguided leaders in Russia, China, Germany, France, Great Britain, and the European Union. Unlike me, they did not realize the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is horrible and one-sided and gives the Iranians a clear path toward building nuclear weapons and at the same time allows these international terrorists to retrieve oil revenues they earned but that had been withheld by peace-loving nations of the world.

The United States is determined to enforce our sanctions, and we expect other nations to obey us. I don’t like hearing, even as I speak, that our European allies are announcing they deeply regret the reimposition of sanctions and will today issue a blocking statute to protect their investments. I don’t care what they do. I’m going to figure out how to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons, which the International Atomic Energy Agency and the rest of the world don’t realize they have, and rescue the long-suffering Iranian people who deserve to prosper in safety and peace certain to come once we stop bombing them.

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