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I’m excited looking at an email from Team Trump. They need our participation “because we’re close enough to change everything.” And we have to. “Illegal voting in the United States wreaks havoc with elections. Every election… it seems we rarely get our candidates elected.” Damn right “it’s time we do something about this.” Team Trump will be “Defending Your Vote (with) radio and TV ads (that) warn illegal aliens, in their own language, of the dangers they face if they vote as a noncitizen.” They’ll go to prison.

There are links patriots can use to contribute by credit card and PayPal. I don’t make much, because President Trump hasn’t had time to get rid of all the Democrats’ anti-business policies, but I’m going to chip in a hundred bucks. Every real American must stop millions of aliens from casting votes against Donald Trump and other Republican candidates. There’s no way Hillary Clinton legitimately got three million more votes than Trump. Now we’re going to make sure all elections are fair and Republicans win.

President Trump is also protecting our democracy and way of life by walling off the border and sending invaders back south to their dirty and violent countries. Have you seen the latest polls? A historical high twenty-two percent of Americans, and thirty-five percent of Republicans, consider immigration the country’s number one problem. From his great campaign speech that special 2015 day in Trump Tower, I knew Donald Trump was determined to protect us from aliens. Many European countries are just as worried about immigration. We need an American-European alliance to keep ourselves pure.

I know a lot of Democrats are influenced by fake news, instead of learning what’s true from “fair and balanced” Fox News, and don’t understand that economic growth is very high and unemployment really low and black unemployment’s the lowest ever. Yeah, I know what Democrats always say, that George W. Bush left an economic disaster for Barack Obama and over eight years he turned things around and brought unemployment down from a high of ten percent in October 2009 to under five percent when he left office several years later. Okay, bottom line, President Trump’s now got unemployment down around four percent or even less.

We’re doing just as well overseas because countries fear and respect us again. North Koreans swear they’re going to denuclearize and they better or Donald Trump will fry their asses. I get the feeling that’s what he’s going to do to Iranians whether or not they develop nuclear weapons. They’re terrorists and anti-Israel and Israel’s the greatest and only democracy in the Middle East so we must help them attack their enemies or attack them ourselves. Don’t worry about Russia. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump already have a very special relationship.

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with collusion during the 2016 election. That’s fake news. Only liars claim Trump would collude with the Russians. Robert Mueller and his probers are traitors like former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. They’re all going to jail with illegal aliens and phony voters and other criminals, especially users of guns, who’ll be stopped by our police or armed citizens like me. You know damn well Joe Six Pack’s always packin’.

“King Donald” by George Thomas Clark

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