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I’d never say it, but almost everyone else is: President Trump’s a lock for the Nobel Peace Prize. Obviously, I agree. None of my timid predecessors could have brought Kim Jong Un running to the peace table. Only my threats of unprecedented death and destruction have made peace possible. I’m not worried Kim threatened to pull out of talks because we still held our annual joint military exercises with South Korea. Kim knew our plans long ago, and recently said he understood the need for the exercises, which are only designed to deter him from attacking south across the DMZ. He also made a mistake in cancelling a high-level talk with South Korea. They need to talk. We all need to.

I ordered our diplomats to continue preparing for my grand summit with Kim Jong Un in June in Singapore. I assume he’s just sending a message he plans to be difficult at the bargaining table, but he better be receptive and quit saying he’s not interested in discussing “unilateral nuclear abandonment.” He should be thankful. I’ll offer him business and infrastructure investments as well as our unequalled brainpower. We can make his as rich as South Korea, or almost as rich. All he’s got to do is hand over all his nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles and chemical and biological weapons. He won’t get any help until he does that. And if he tries to delay disarming due to a bunch of technicalities, I may give him fire and fury instead of opportunities for economic growth. I guess in that case I wouldn’t get the Nobel right away, at least for Korea, but maybe I can get it because of my toughness in dealing with Iran and forcing that hellish country to get rid of its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles and start acting better. But if Iran behaves like North Korea, I may have to attack, and wait a year or two before officially becoming the world’s greatest man of peace.

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