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I see the ruddy face of Representative John Larson roar through my Facebook news hole this afternoon, and, shortly after thinking who the hell’s he, I click the video and give thanks I’m not one of his Republican opponents on the floor of the House as in strong voice he rips their “profiles in lack of courage” and says there’s time to “expose a lot of (their) myths, like this notion that social security and Medicare are entitlements.”

Passion rising and right index finger pointing, he states, “News flash. It’s the insurance that the American people have paid for…

“News Flash. Ten thousand baby boomers become eligible for social security every day… News Flash. The average woman when she retires gets fourteen thousand dollars annually from social security, and for more than half that’s all they’re got to live on… Yet these bastions of courage on the other side would like to cut these programs.”

The Republicans don’t want this process to be decided in Congress, Larson explains. They plan to introduce “an amendment where they’ll never have to face a vote on what their constituents actually have to face day in and day out.”

Voice intense but still controlled, Larson says, “These are Americans who’ve paid into a program – not an entitlement… If you want to take away people’s benefits, have the courage to vote on it.”

This guy’s an ass kicker, I conclude, and would make a hell of a president. I promptly Google him and learn he’s from Connecticut and age sixty-nine, two years younger and much more lucid than Donald Trump, but John Larson supports energy independence, clean renewable fuels, reducing greenhouse gases, protecting consumers, and increasing efficiency of products, buildings, and vehicles. Those positions, along with preserving social security and Medicare, make him unelectable on a national level. In order to win the presidency today, Larson would have to become a liar, a racist, a thief, and a warmonger. I doubt he wants the job.

Dynamite 2-Minute Video: John Larson Protects Social Security and Medicare

“King Donald” by George Thomas Clark

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