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Marco Rubio Embraces NRAFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

I care about my constituents. They’re hurting and angry after tragic losses at a high school in Parkland, Florida and unhappy the NRA gave me a hundred percent approval rating and three million dollars for my Senate reelection campaign. I’m proud the NRA appreciates my defense of all guns and my commitment to God. That usually plays well with supporters. I don’t have many of those tonight, though. These kids who survived the mass shooting and their parents are interrogating and hissing me almost as if I’d pulled the trigger.

Please understand, if I believed an assault weapons ban would’ve prevented this bloodshed, I would support it. I am at least proposing we require people to be sane and twenty-one, instead of eighteen and disturbed, when they start buying assault weapons. And about the money I receive from the NRA, it’s insignificant compared to the fact they back my agenda and we’re philosophically in tune. So, no, I’ll never sever my commitment to Second Amendment comrades. However, I do concede that magazines on assault rifles may be a little too big. Smaller magazines wouldn’t have prevented the recent slaughter but they would have reduced the casualties, and I pray the NRA won’t punish me for saying so.

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