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There’s no need for you or me to get confused by this legal mumbo jumbo the liberals are throwing at us. It’s all very simple. I did not hire Russian hookers, while visiting their great country, to pee on the bed African Obama once slept in. I did not sleep with Vladimir Putin or Stormy Daniels or anyone else but my lovely young wife who loves my powerful physique. I did not collude with the Russians. I did what I did with the Department of Justice because I had every right to. I did what I did with the FBI – including firing director James Comey – because I had every right to. And what I did is none of your business. Liberals and even some others don’t understand I’m the CEO and majority owner of the United States and this is how business works. The boss doesn’t tolerate shit from any of his departments or underlings. When the DOJ and FBI forget their mission is to do what I want them to do, I have to get tough. If they don’t shield me from vicious attacks and attack those I tell them to, they’re going to have trouble. I’m a star and can do anything I want. Stay tuned. I may prove my power by grabbing more pussies and starting a nuclear war, before or after I dump on civil liberties in the United States.

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