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the donald says he’s not racist but wonders why u.s. brings
shitholes in africa


I’m not the person the media’s portraying me to be and am as far from being a racist as you can get. Okay, in private I did talk a little tough about immigration, but I didn’t say what reporters of fake news claim I said about African countries, Haiti, and El Salvador. In fact, the whole meeting was really about love. I want to grant amnesty to all the Dreamers whose parents brought them here when they were children. As long as they’re not rapists or murderers, and are working their asses off or serving in the military, I think they should stay.

I love more people than you can imagine and may eventually even grant amnesty to all eleven million illegal aliens in the United States. But I’m going to get my border wall as part of the deal. That wall’s a powerful symbol of our commitment to security as well as my most memorable campaign promise. I don’t believe those who say border security would be better enhanced by upgrading radar technology and adding more agents. Nope. What we need is a giant stationary wall that won’t be nearly as easy to go over, under, around, and through as critics claim.

As part of this deal I’m also insisting we get rid of chain migration which allows one legal immigrant to petition to bring over his family and then they bring over other relatives and pretty soon one immigrant has brought over a village of people who may have been living in huts and won’t be educated enough to support themselves here and American taxpayers will have to pay the bills. I’m just as worried about the visa lottery which doesn’t let us select the best educated and most socially appropriate individuals to live here. Instead we get too many terrorists and bums and if we’re not careful they’re liable to turn our great nation into a shithole.

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