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What About Predatory Women?Facebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmail

Envision those male politicians, corporate bosses, and college administrators who enjoy flagellating themselves and other men while females of all ages and stations help them lay on the whip. Right now, that’s the self-righteous, politically essential, and cool thing to do. Make believe that most men are beasts and most women aren’t. Pretend the fair sex is helpless and blameless and never predatory. Pontificate that female accusers are always honest and accused males forever dishonest. Shred men’s lives and careers based solely on accusations that must be believed since women leveled them. I surmise you know some of this groundswell is founded on lies. And if you pretend falsehoods are sacred truth, that makes you a liar.

Notes: The rest of this story will appear in a future collection of essays.

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